Best Culinary Schools & Cooking Classes in Perth

Best Culinary Schools & Cooking Classes in Perth

This is an exhaustive list of culinary schools and cooking lessons available in the city of Perth, which is located in Australia. Investigate the many programmes available to you in Western Australia leading to a degree in culinary arts, or focus on honing your existing abilities in the kitchen.

1. Australian Professional Skills Institute

The Australian Professional Skills Institute (APSI) is a cutting-edge educational establishment that is located in Perth, in the Australian state of Western Australia. Through its status as a Registered Training Organization, APSI is able to provide its students with a vast selection of training programmes that have been approved for inclusion in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Additionally, it provides a wide variety of one-of-a-kind job pathway programmes, all of which are geared toward providing students with the knowledge, experience, and connections in the business world that will be of use to them as they look for work.

Training in commercial cookery, hospitality, healthcare/community services, and business management skills are APSI’s areas of expertise; however, the organisation also offers one-day workshops, such as a barista training course and the course Responsible Service of Alcohol. APSI is a not-for-profit organisation.

2. Sweet Artist Academy

According to their own description, the pastry cooking classes and cake decorating classes offered by the Sweet Artist Academy in Perth are some of the best in the city. The academy provides short courses to people already working in the trade as well as members of the general public who are looking for baking classes to indulge their passion.

There may be as few as one student or as many as seven participants in any one class.

The courses, which include topics such as Artisan Bread, Classic French Desserts, European Cakes, and Café Style Cakes and Pastries, are intended to be offered in a concentrated one-day block. The training is carried out to a very high quality, which is on par with the requirements in Europe, and it makes use of the most recent equipment and methods imported straight from Europe.

3. Urban Provider

Participants have their choice of over 30 distinct culinary lessons at the Cooking Passions Cooking School, where they may learn to produce meals that are not only simple but also very tasty. Nico and Belinda lead “Small Group” cuisine and culture excursions all over the globe, including trips to Italy, Spain, France, Vietnam, Japan, Bali, Tasmania, Margaret River, Thailand, and Laos. Some of the destinations they visit include:

4. The Cooking Professor

A culinary school in Perth known as The Cooking Professor provides hands-on cooking sessions that are three hours long and take a global perspective on different types of cuisine. The students work in small groups, and the teacher guides them through the preparation of a variety of dishes, each of which is unique.

Middle Eastern cuisine is the focus of the majority of the classes offered, but there are many other topics available as well, covering cuisines from all over the world. These range from classes on how to make pasta and stir fry dishes in India to classes on how to make dim sum and sushi in China.

5. Matters of Taste Cooking School

Whether individuals see cooking as a job or a pleasurable activity, the Matters of Taste Cooking School is dedicated to providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare fresh cuisine in their own homes.

The instructors are experienced chefs, and the three-hour lessons mostly consist of hands-on or technique workshops. However, there are also demonstration classes, in which either the Master Teachers or guest chefs exhibit their techniques and share their knowledge.

The school also offers the possibility to subscribe to online courses that cover themes of interest for home chefs, both beginners and experts, as well as advice that may be used in the kitchen.

6. Sticky Rice Cooking School

Cooking classes are offered at Sticky Rice, which is located in Stirling in the Adelaide hills. Since November of 2008, it has been providing hands-on cooking workshops led by local as well as foreign chefs who are considered to be experts in Asian cuisine.

Classes may be taken according to a predetermined schedule or arranged privately for group reservations; the duration of each lesson is typically four hours. Not only do they demonstrate how to make the food, but they also provide knowledge about its history. There are classes available in Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indian, as well as the rare class in Moroccan and Spanish.

In addition, there is a Kids Master Class that is led by a chef who has substantial expertise in the classroom and is geared at children over the age of 10.

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