Do Tortillas Really Need to Be Refrigerated?

Do Tortillas Really Need to Be Refrigerated?

The subject of whether or not tortillas need to be stored in the refrigerator is one that has been asked for decades, and the majority of people who have ever cooked Mexican cuisine want to know the answer. Although that’s not the case, we still intend to. I’ll explain why.
If a box of tortillas may be left out at room temperature on the shelf of a grocery store for an extended period of time without risking spoilage, do they still need to be refrigerated after the customer gets them into their own kitchen? The answer has more to do with the product’s shelf life than it does with its overall safety.

Should Tortillas Always Be Kept in the Refrigerator?

To clarify, tortillas do not need to be stored in the refrigerator; although, doing so is strongly recommended. It enables them to have a longer lifespan. The experts at the Taste of Home Test Kitchen explain that while most tortillas do not need to be refrigerated, doing so will assist to increase the amount of time they may be stored.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reports that some types of tortillas are more susceptible to developing mould than others. If you like recipes that call for flour tortillas, you could find that you need to consume them more quickly than corn tortillas. On the other hand, maize tortillas produced at home could spoil more quickly than those purchased from a shop.

However, after the box of tortillas has been opened, placing them in the refrigerator may help preserve them for a longer period of time while protecting them from mould and germs. This results in less wasted food and more tacos in your life, which is a win-win situation.

The tortillas should be kept in the refrigerator if the package has been opened or if you do not intend to use them for some time, as recommended by the Test Kitchen staff. If you’re looking for a meal that’s both fast and delicious, give quesadillas a go.

The Most Effective Methods for Storing Tortillas

Keeping food in the refrigerator helps increase its shelf life by reducing the risk of germ growth and avoiding spoiling. According to the findings of our specialists in the Test Kitchen, maintaining a temperature that is cold and stable can help prevent the growth of mould and germs.

It is common knowledge that fresh tortillas cannot be compared to their chilled counterparts in any way. Even though their brittle and rough texture might put a damper on Taco Tuesday, it is possible to bring them back to life with the right preparation. Warm up your tortillas in the microwave or in a hot pan while you work on the rest of the dinner preparations. They will become more tender as a result, and their taste and texture will be restored. When using warm tortillas, the process of creating enchiladas is simplified.

Also, there is no need for concern if you happen to have an unopened package of tortillas currently stored in your cupboard. As long as there are no obvious indicators of food spoiling, such as mould or a putrid odour, you should be able to consume them without fear. To the best of the knowledge of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), tortillas are one of the few items that need to be refrigerated but may still be consumed without risk in the event that your refrigerator stops operating.

The Best Ways to Consume an Entire Package of Tortillas

When you have a brand new box of tortillas, the options at your disposal are almost limitless.

Breakfast Recipes

Pinwheels made of granola and peanut butter, topped with fresh strawberries and breakfast tacos.

Lunch Recipes

Hot Crab Pinwheels, Jamaican Jerk Turkey Wraps, Club Roll-Ups, and Fiesta Pinwheels are some of the options.
Wraps stuffed with Chipotle BLT

Dinner Recipes

Baked Tortillas with Folded Over Tops Easy Enchiladas with Creamy Chicken
Chimichangas al Carbon with Pollo, Lasagna Vegetariana Con Tortillas, and Tostadas con Refried Beans are on the menu.
Tacos de pescado de Martha
Enchiladas with Garlic and Beef
Wraps with Moo Shu Sloppy Joes Fajita Burgers and More

Dessert Recipes

Cinnamon Chips and Apple Salsa for dipping.
Tortilla Cups Filled with Coffee Cream
Chocolate Encased Sweet Rolls

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