Food Festivals in Italy: 12 Months of Sagra to Plan Your Trip Around

Food Festivals in Italy: 12 Months of Sagra to Plan Your Trip Around

In Italy, there is always a cause to celebrate, which may be one reason why food and wine seem to be at the centre of everyday life in the country. Or does the answer lie in the question?

In point of fact, there is a festival celebrating food or wine taking place every single month of the year in every single region of Italy. These festivals celebrate everything from the arrival of seasonal foods to the release of regional wines that are just waiting to be poured out of their bottles.

If you are a gourmet who wants to eat your way around Italy, we have created a list of delicious Italian food festivals, which includes 12 months of sagre festivities, so that you may select a month and begin organizing your vacation.

Take a look at the most delicious celebrations of food held throughout the year, broken down by month and season. Some are so local that they don’t even have a website, but you may be confident that the Italian cultural experience you receive there will be genuine. The annual attendance of foodies and partygoers at other events may reach the thousands.

Continue reading to find out some more interesting and entertaining food facts, as well as the finest food and wine that Italy has to offer, which you can enjoy while you are there to sample it. This includes the regional cuisine, specialised wines, and all of the friendly and welcoming food festivals that can be found there. Mangiamo!



January – Gennaio


Sagra della Sfincia di Priescia, Montelepre

The people who live in Montelepre look forward to the Italian food festival that takes place on the sixth of January each year. The event is held in honour of the classic Sicilian dessert known as Francia di Brescia. Stop at the Piazza Principe di Piemonte on your way through town to distribute these pastries, each of which has a distinctive form.

February – Febbraio


Ivrea, north of Turin, site of the Battle of Oranges

Violetta, the daughter of a miller, is said to have beheaded the tyrannical Marquis when he attempted to impose droit du seigneur on her. This allegedly sparked a rebellion against the aristocracy. This fight that took place in Italy in the 12th century is being commemorated by reenacting it using 500,000 pounds of flying citrus fruit as part of The Battle of Oranges. This three-day food war begins on Sunday and continues until Shrove Tuesday. It is a wonderful opportunity for gourmets to sample Fagioli Grassi cabinet, salam dua, and toma cheese.


Carnivale in Viareggio

This coastal Italian event begins on the Wednesday before Ash Wednesday and lasts for the remaining 15 days before Lent. The celebration starts off with a triple cannon blast, and it continues with five parades that include handmade paper-maché figures, an appearance by the mascot, Burlmacco, and an impressive fireworks display. Those with a passion for cuisine will appreciate the opportunity to sample carnival delicacies such as Cenci fritti, Cenci al Forno, shrimp, bomboloni, and more.


Nero Norcia, Norcia

This black truffle festival is a popular gourmet exposition that is hosted at the Piazza San Benedetto to experience the real flavour of the Umbria area. Italian truffles are world-famous, and this festival celebrates that fact. You may try the world-famous black truffles, bread, cheeses, and wines from the region, as well as the IGP prosciutto (ham) of Norcia, during the course of a weekend at the end of February or the beginning of March. Walk around the many art displays, theatrical performances, costume parades, and expert lectures to work up an appetite!


Carnevale in Venice

When discussing events celebrating Italian cuisine, we simply cannot avoid mentioning the world-famous carnival that takes place in Venice. This event, which takes place in St. Mark’s Square during the last two weeks of February, is inextricably related to the cuisine of Venice as well as the season of Lent, which is a time when many people abstain from eating meat. Attendees may anticipate seeing magnificent parades, stunning performances, and masked balls, and they will have the opportunity to sample the city’s alcohol-soaked doughnuts known as fertile, which are always a popular street dish in Venice during the time of Lent.

March – Marzo


St. Joseph’s Day, also known as the Feast of San Giuseppe

This festival honours San Giuseppe, the patron saint of fathers, and celebrates the role of fathers in Italian culture on March 19th. The numerous different kinds of zeppole that can be found around the nation are sure to be everyone’s favourite part of the celebrations. Although they are most popular in Campania, crispy fried dough balls like these may be found in other regions of Italy, particularly in the middle and southern parts of the country. The most well-known are the sugary and elegant zeppole di, San Giuseppe. These are fried doughnuts that are even better than you could have imagined!


In Florence, one may “Taste.”

The TASTE food festival in Fortezza da Basso is an extravaganza for your senses that lasts for three days and is held at the end of the month. It is devoted to the pursuit of perfection in taste and food habits. You’ll get your adventure started by participating in the Taste Tour, during which you’ll get to try a variety of delectable treats; next, you’ll learn more about those treats at the Taste Ring; after that, you’ll look at the cooking utensils that were used to make those treats at the Taste Tools; and finally, you’ll get to buy whatever you want at the Taste Shop!

April – Aprile


Romanesco Artichoke Festival, Ladispoli near Rome

During the annual artichoke (carciofi) festival held in the little town of Ladispoli in Sicily, there are several activities to choose from. Cooking competitions, food stalls, artichoke sculptures, and even free wedges of fried artichokes are just some of the activities that are included at this festival, which was first hosted in 1951 and has been going strong ever since.


Schiacchetrail in Cinque Terre

A footrace that covers 47 kilometres and passes through the vineyards and five villages that make up Cinque Terre is held annually on April 2nd, and competitors come from all over the globe to take part. The primary objective of this competition is to draw attention to the local sweet passito wine known as Sciacchetrà. This is despite the fact that these hiking paths are generally on the bucket list of every tourist regardless. It is the vacation of a lifetime for those who like their wine and their adrenaline in equal measure.


Sagra di Cannolo, Piana degli Albanesi

Cannolo is Sicily’s most well-known kind of pastry, and the first week of May, in the general vicinity of Palermo, is the ideal time and location to indulge in as many cannoli as your heart desires. This little village in Albano, Italy, transforms into a pilgrimage destination for cannoli fans from all over the world for the duration of a three-day festival. You’ll learn all the finest ways to savour this traditional Sicilian dessert, from participating in a cannoli-eating marathon to experiencing a real-giant cannolo for the first time!

Sagra do Carciofi/Artichoke Festival, Ramacca

During the first two weekends of April, the town of Ramacca, which is known for its agricultural production, celebrates the entrance of spring by cooking delectable meals that centre on a single, prominent ingredient known as Violetto Ramacchese. It is highly recommended that you stop by in order to sample the delicacies of the area and to buy for items made in the area.


Verona, as well as Vinitaly

In Verona, Italy, in April, the city hosts Vinitaly, the biggest wine festival in the world, which lasts for four days and attracts wine industry experts from all over the world who come together to display their wares. In addition to tasting some of the world’s best wines and delectable bites, guests will spend a lot of time on their feet (it is recommended that they wear comfortable shoes).

Free BBQ photo, public domain food CC0 image.

May – Maggio


St. Fortunato’s Fish Festival is an annual event.

The wives of local fishermen would traditionally make an offering to the Virgin Mary in the form of fresh fish in exchange for their husband’s safe return from World War II. This offering was later transformed into the Sagra del Pesce and is now dedicated to St. Fortunato, the patron saint of fishermen. The celebration is now held on the second weekend of May, and the festivities begin with a stunning fireworks show and a bonfire. The centrepiece of the celebration is the 30,000 fresh fish parts that are fried and distributed for free, directly from the world’s biggest frying pan, which is located in the town’s main plaza. This is followed by music, dancing, and all the seafood you can eat.

Sagra del Limone, Monterosso, Cinque Terre

The village of Cinque Terre has a festival in honour of the lemon, which is considered to be their most cherished fruit, on the third Saturday of every March. There is lemon limoncello, lemon cake, lemon ice cream, and even an afternoon stroll through the streets of Monterosso that is described as having “8,000 lemon-scented steps.” The day comes to a close in Piazza Garibaldi with awards being awarded for the “largest lemon” and the “most attractive exhibit.”


Risotto Festival

This annual culinary festival in Sesame has been going strong since the 13th century and is a celebration of one of the most well-liked meals in the country: risotto. It is held on the first Sunday of May each year. During this event, the unassuming rice dish is the star of the show all day long; thus, you should stop by and gorge yourself on all of its delectable variations, in addition to other mouthwatering seasonal foods.


Porchettiamo in Perugia

The Italian Porchetta Festival is a celebration of roasted pig that should not be missed by anybody who enjoys attending culinary festivals. The event is held every year in May in San Terenziano di Gualdo Cattaneo, and it lasts for three days. During this time, the top porchetta makers in Italy get together to showcase their very best Italian porchetta sandwiches, artisan beers, street cuisine, pastries, and cake, among other things. Take part in the Porcorriamo, also known as the Pork Run, later on, to get rid of those excess calories!

June – Giugno


Gelato Festival in Florence (Piazalle Michelangelo):

A rigorous battle amongst the greatest artisanal gelato manufacturers from around the globe takes place over the course of two days at the Gelato Festival in Florence. In order to compete for the title of Gelato Festival World Masters, gelato aficionados will present their finest works of art beneath the scorching rays of the summer sun. You may satiate your need for sweets by paying the admission price, voting for your favourites, and stopping by “Buontalenti,” which is the world’s biggest mobile ice cream manufacturing facility, if you have the time.


ProsciutTiamo Ham Festival in Saint Marcel

Every year, during the third week of June, the lovely town of Saint Marcel comes to life in order to showcase the raw ham that has been carefully seasoned. The three-day celebration is packed with a variety of events, including music and dining options. Don’t forget to bring your camera so you can capture the breathtaking views with your own eyes.

July – Luglio


Sagra del Cuoppo a Saviano

Every year for two days in the month of July, the town of Saviano comes out to enjoy fried finger food that is served in a paper cone and may include crispy fish, vegetables, or zeppole. This tradition is known as the cuoppo. At the Piazzale Enrico di Nicola, you may take in musical performances, workshops, puppet shows, and exhibits as you make your way from market to stall, each of which will entice you with the smells of delicious street food, pizzas, and wine.

Sagra del Limone, Massa Lubrense

In the month of July, luscious femminello, also known as Massese lemons, are the subject of celebration for all of the splendour that they provide, both sweet and sour. Think Limoncello, lemon custard, lemon pie, lemon jam, lemon cake, and everything else you can think of that involves lemon; Sagra del Limone will most likely have it.

Sagra di San Marzano (Tomato Festival), Striano

Granted, practically all food festivals in Italy are linked with pastas, pizzas, salads, and other meals like these; nevertheless, which Italian food festival focuses solely on traditional Strianese dishes that are cooked with the delicious San Marzano plum tomatoes? Only the festival dedicated to tomatoes that takes place at the end of July in Striano! You can be confident that the event will also provide regional wines, cheeses, and craft beers to those who need accompaniments to go along with their delectable food.


Stragusto, Trapani

This event, which takes place at the end of July and features street dishes from all around Italy, is held in the historic Piazzo Mercato del Pesce. The 5-day celebration promotes Sicilian dishes including panelled, arancini, cabbucio, cannoli, and more. It is quite probable that the wine tasting area will provide you with the most enjoyable approach to wind down the evening.

August – Agosto


Sagra della Mugnaia di Elice, Pescara

Midway through the month of August, the people who live in the hilltop community of Elice hold a celebration in honour of mugnaia pasta, a traditional, handmade delicacy from the Vallata del Fino valley that is traditionally topped with meat sauce. And while one hill is hosting gastronomic activities, the other hill is hosting a mediaeval recreation of La Notte Nell’ilex, so make sure you go to both of them.


Sagra del Mare, Procida

Each year throughout the summer, the Festival of the Sea is held near the picturesque inlet of Acquamorta for a total of four days. The local cuisine, which may include peppered mussels or seaweed pizzas, makes generous use of the freshest catches of the day. Guests are free to have a bottle of wine while doing so. Be sure to also attend the Graziella, which is a competition for the local ladies of Procida to determine who makes the greatest dish.

Fiordilatte FiordiFesta, Agerola, Campania on Amalfi Coast

There are several culinary festivals in Italy that honour cheese, but none of them are quite like the one that takes place in the town of Agerola, which is known as the capital of softened fiordilatte. This mozzarella cheese, which is produced from cow’s milk, is honoured annually during the first week of August with a variety of activities, including tastings, demonstrations of cheesemaking, and meals centred on fiordilatte. It’s a dream come true for cheese lovers everywhere!


Sagra della Nocciola, Cortemilia

The Sagra della Nocciola, also known as the Hazelnut Festival, is a community-based event that takes place every August in Cortemilia. This festival gives both visitors and inhabitants of the town the chance to participate in activities that highlight the local culture and food. The main focus of the festival is on hazelnut-based delicacies such as decadent chocolate cakes, sweetened cookies, cream spreads, and aromatic oils. In addition, the festival features other activities such as a concert of classical music, a dance show, a fireworks display, colourful parades, and a competition for amateur bakers and pastry chefs based on the hazelnut theme.

September – Settembre


Sagra del Peperoncino, Diamante

One of the most well-known and well-attended culinary celebrations in Italy is the Diamante Peperoncino Festival, which takes place in the middle of September. The festival, which was conceptualised by the journalist Enzo Monaco in 1992, is held over the course of five days and includes a wide variety of pre-planned activities. In addition, there will be 500 different types of the chilli peppers that are used in regional delicacies such as nduja di Spilinga, sardella di Crucoli, and morsello di Catanzaro. There will also be a spicy film festival.


Pizza Village, Naples

The Lungomare Caracciolo beachfront promenade in Naples, Italy, is the site of the world’s most famous pizza festival, which takes place each year in the city that is considered to be the birthplace of the dish. Pizza vendors produce thousands of freestyle, wood-fired, gluten and gluten-free pizzas each year for a period of 5-7 colourful days during the festival. It’s probably fair to state that attending this event when fasting will provide the finest experience.


Sagra di Tortellino, Castelfranco, Modena

The Sagra di San Nicola is a festival that honours tortellini, a kind of pasta that is traditionally cooked by hand. This well-known kind of pasta is said to have been designed to emulate the allure of a woman’s navel, but no one can deny that the fact that it is prepared using egg pasta that has been produced by hand and simmered in a rich broth made from capon and veal is no laughing matter.


Sagra Nazionale del Gorgonzola, Gorgonzola

The world-famous National Gorgonzola Cheese Festival is held every year in the picturesque village of Gorgonzola, which can be found on the Milan metro line. Via Italia, the main thoroughfare of the town, comes to life during the second or third weekend of September to commemorate the well-known cheese that shares its name. Visit us to sample cheese that dissolves in your lips together with bread that has just been cooked fresh. There will be demonstrations on how to make cheese, as well as “zola”-based recipes like as polenta, lasagna, risotto, and more. These are just some of the things you can look forward to.

Sagra del Fungo Porcino near Motta Visconti between Milan and Pavia

In the autumn, the Porcini Mushroom Festival will be held in Motta Visconti, so be sure to pay a visit there if you find yourself in Milan. In the month of September, you will have the opportunity to sample a wide array of the region’s finest delicacies, meats, cheeses, and wines, many of which will be based on the use of wild mushrooms in different culinary preparations.


Festa della Crescia, Monte San Vito

This Brescia-focused culinary event takes place every year in September in the hamlet of Le Cozze, which is located inside Monte San Vito. The festival lasts for three days. Brescia is a kind of Italian flatbread that originated in the region of Marche. It is often prepared during the Easter holiday season and served with sausage. The Brescia is especially delicious when paired with regional wines or craft brews, and it may be baked or grilled and filled with meat or Nutella. If you haven’t had it before, you really have to give it a go.


Salon del Gusto, often known as the Slow Food Festival, was held in Turin.

The Terre Madre Slow Food Festival was established by Carlo Petrini in the 1980s. It is essentially a worldwide market with one primary goal: to promote a world in which excellent, clean, and fair food is the norm. The festival is held once every two years, and in addition to tasting and eating, attendees can also explore, learn, and purchase from some of the most talented artisanal producers in the world.

Formaggi Festival, Bra near Turin

Make plans to visit this annual International Cheese Festival during the third week of September, and you’ll get the opportunity to sample some of the greatest Italian formaggi. The festival provides tasting sessions to assist attendees to locate the foods and beverages that go best with their preferred wines. Some of the products that will be featured during the festival include natural cheeses, chocolates, and dried fruits.


San Vito Lo Capo hosts the annual Cous Cous Festival.

During this 10-day celebration celebrating several cultures, guests are invited to sample mouthwatering dishes prepared by chefs from across the world in each of the 6 Cous Cous Houses. Those who like cooking will find the festival to be an absolute delight since it provides a plethora of opportunities to try a variety of couscous and to gain knowledge about its numerous forms. There are stands and booths available for people who just want to eat, and they welcome you to sample a broad variety of mouthwatering specialities, ranging from Lebanese tabouleh to couscous made with coconut milk.

Sagra del Pistachio/Pistachio Festival, Bronte near Mt Etna

Because pistachios, often known as the “green gold of Sicily,” are a common element in the cuisine of Italy, a festival is held every year over the first two weekends in October to showcase pistachios and the many products made with them. Pesto, chocolates from Modica flavoured with pistachios, pastries, arancini, spaghetti, and even ice cream are some of the delicacies that may be enjoyed at the foot of the volcano. In the time that you are not partaking in the tastings, you have the option of going to the concerts, shopping, or even getting away from it all by embarking on a guided tour of the city.

October – Ottobre


Sagra Della Castagna (Chestnut Festival)

October is the month in which chestnut festivals are held every year to celebrate the coming of the much-anticipated Castagna, often known as chestnuts. In Campania, it is available in the town of Scala, which is located between Amalfi and Ravello. In Tuscany, it is available in the town of Marradi, which is located between Faenza and Florence. In the Val d’Aosta, it is available in the town of Fenis. During the course of two weekends, you will have the opportunity to sample chestnuts prepared in a wide variety of delicious ways, including gnocchi, cannoli, tronchetti, castagnaccio, and many more.


Mortadella Festival in Bologna

The Pink Queen of Bologna is celebrated during the MortadellaBo festival with pink and white decorations spread out throughout the whole town centre. The heart of the city will play home to a series of Mortadella-themed activities over the course of four days. This includes activities like tastings, guided tours, cookery demonstrations, music concerts, and even sporting events!


Plan to be in Spilamberto for the MAST COT festival the first weekend in October if you are a fan of the classic balsamico di Modena and would want to see how it is made in the area. The event will take place on October 1. The boiling of the grape must, which marks the beginning of the long maturing process necessary for the production of the classic balsamic vinegar that is known for being sweet and delicious, is the highlight of this yearly festival.


Sagra dell’Uva di Marino/Marino Wine Festival, Marino

This yearly grape festival is held on the first Sunday of October and draws hundreds of people with its processions, period costumes, music, and food booths selling snacks, bread, and wine. During the course of the festival, the town’s Fountain of the Four Moors will be supplying the throng with complimentary white wine as it pours from its spouts. This is the true centrepiece of the event.


Sagra della Mela (Apple Festival), Valtellina, Lombardy

The annual Apple and Grape Festival is a celebration of the luscious and juicy apples that are grown on the slopes of the Alps in Valtellina. This event takes place over the course of three days and is hosted by the Villa di Tirano. During this festival, participants are not only able to sample apples and grapes, but a wide variety of other foods as well! You will also get the opportunity to sample various items that are characteristic of the region of Valtellina, and you will take part in a wide variety of activities, such as riding in a horse-drawn carriage and attending concerts, among many other things.


The International White Truffle Fair of Alba is held in Alba, which is located between Turin and Genoa.

The Alba International White Truffle Market is Italy’s biggest culinary fair regarding truffles. It is held every weekend from October to November and is the finest location to acquire truffles from the Langhe, Monferrato, and Roero regions. Cooking demonstrations, educational pavilions, wine tastings, and a one-of-a-kind truffle sensory analysis are some of the highlights of the event. Spending a whole day exploring on foot and sampling local specialities like cheese, cured meats, sweets, mushrooms, and the world-famous hazelnuts and chestnuts of Piedmont and Cuneo is the ideal way to take everything in.


Ottobrata Zafferanese in Zafferana Etnea, Catania

In the month of October, visitors to Zafferana Etnea will have the chance to experience traditional autumn cuisine from Sicily, including Etna mushrooms, apples, pastries, and wine. The culinary festival includes performances of music and artwork that complement the many distinct tastes of the autumn harvest. Each Sunday, a new theme is used to highlight these delicacies, bringing attention to the unique goods of the region as well as the skill of the people who make them.

Scale del Gusto, Ragusa Sicily

The Scale del Gusto, also known as the Steps of Taste, is an event that lasts for three days and takes place along the stairs that go from Ragusa to Ibla. It is widely considered to be among the most prestigious Italian festivals that celebrate artisanal cuisine and art. By displaying both local delicacies and wines, it is a veritable feast for the senses and pays homage to the singularity of the Hyblean country.


L’Oro di Spello/Festa dell’Olivo e Sagra della Bruschetta, Spello

Attend L’Oro di Spello beginning at the end of October to see how extravagant the celebration of “Spello’s gold” or extra virgin olive oil can become! L’Oro di Spello takes place over the course of five weekends. Events, tastings, concerts, parades, and educational seminars all centred on the production of olive oil are held at this time of year in various cities and places all across Italy. But in Spello, the celebrations are condensed into three major days that take place throughout three regions (districts). On these days, visitors may enjoy bruschetta topped with fresh olive oil, regional legume soups, desserts, and other delicacies that are complemented by the Olio Nuovo.

EuroChocolate, Perugia

If you have a passion for chocolate, you absolutely must make it to the EuroChocolate festival, which takes place in Perugia, Italy, every year from the 14th to the 23rd of October. There will be tastings, sculptures, displays, and exhibitions using chocolate bananas, chocolate liqueurs, chocolate bars, and even chocolate kebabs. Chocolate will be present in every form imaginable, as far as the eye can see.

November – Novembre


In the month of November, Parma Porc

The November Porc is a race that is held in four different towns in the Bassa Parmense area. These towns are Sissa, Polesine Parmense, Zibello, and Roccabianca. The event is often jokingly referred to as the most gluttonous relay in all of Italy. In commemoration of the world-famous prosciutto and culatello hams that are made in this region, the festival is held over the whole month, and each weekend has a different theme as well as a different main product that visitors may experience. In some of the restaurants that line the “Strada del Culatello,” you can even get meals made with a local pig for very low costs!

Fiera del Formaggio do Fossa in Rimini, Emilia Romagna:

The inhabitants of Emilia Romagna age their cheese in caves or fosse once a year in order to produce a cheese of the finest possible quality, which is characterised by a sour flavour and an amber hue. The cheese is allowed to mature for three months before being pulled from the pit just twice during the month of November, in conjunction with the Festival of Pit Cheese, also known as Ambra di Talamello. Put your fear aside and try some of these other local specialities along with this tasty cheese that’s rich and creamy.


Sagra del Pane dell’Olio, Sestri Levante

Pay a visit to Sestri Levante during the ten days that fall between November and December in order to celebrate the arrival of the harvest season in the best possible manner, complete with fresh bread and olive oil. Travelling along the coast of Liguria, where local mills offer this traditional condiment to go with bread, is a great opportunity to sample some of the region’s best food. Workshops, culinary demonstrations, sample menus, guided tours, and even visits to nearby olive orchards are all used to highlight the “green oil.”


Festa del Torrone, Cremona

This is one of the few culinary events in Italy that is dedicated to celebrating torrone in all its forms (Nougat). The Festa del Torrone is an event that takes place during the third week of November and entails Cremona coming to life for a total of nine days. This event is ideal for anyone who has a need for sweets. Live events, culinary demonstrations, parades, and tastings will all be held during the festival, and the pleasant sound of music will be playing in the background. Before you go, you really must try some of their world-famous mustard.


In November of each year, the Piazza San Carlo plays host to chocolate lovers from all over the globe for the CioccolaT festival, which is considered to be Turin’s most decadent chocolate celebration. While trying to be awarded the world’s greatest chocolate, well over a hundred chocolatiers from Italy and other nations will give out free samples of their wares and sell chocolate by the kilo.


Mostra Mercato del Tartufo Bianco, San Miniato

Exhibits and tastings of this “white gold” truffle are sure to enchant audiences from all over the globe during the final three weekends of November in Tuscany, which marks the beginning of the truffle season. Expect to experience several little pieces of foods such as fried polenta covered with truffle sauce, pizza Bianca con tartufi, and flatbread with truffle sausage at the National Exhibition of the White Truffle of San Miniato. Since the focus of the event is on degustation, you may anticipate this. Naturally, everything should be enjoyed with a warm glass of mulled wine.


Festival del Vino di Merano, in South Tyrol

For four days throughout the month of November, Merano transforms into a paradise for wine lovers, since it is famous for being the location of one of the most prestigious wine festivals in all of Italy. Step inside the opulent halls of Kurhaus for a once-in-a-lifetime wine experience that includes tastings of prime wines from across the world and the country. After you’ve finished up here, you may finish off your fantasy food and wine vacation by going to the Culinaria Delicatessen Festival, the Catwalk Champagne Experience Area, or the Spirits Experience Area.

December – Dicembre


  • Bolzano (Piazza Walther)
  • Florence (Piazza Santa Croce)
  • Turin (Piazza Castello, Piazza Solferino, Piazza Santa Rita, and Borgo Dora)
  • Rome (Piazza Navona)
  • Merano (Piazza della Rena)

The month of December is traditionally the time when several Christmas markets can be seen all around Italy, and these markets are a significant part of the holiday season. Visit any of them to get a sense of the Christmas joy that’s floating about, coupled with the scent of cinnamon, Christmas cookies, and cakes. You will discover the streets beautifully lit up with culinary presents, mulled wine, traditional foods, handcrafted toys, and musical acts, amongst other things!


Sagra del Cinghiale (Wild Boar Festival), Suvereto

The Wild Boar Festival, also known as the Sagra del Cinghiale, has its roots in 1968 and was created with the purpose of honouring cuisine that uses wild boar meat as well as local wines from the Val di Cornia that complement these dishes. It is now more of a race to see who can get the prized delicacy, and it is held over the course of two weeks in the months of November and December. This event is unquestionably best suited for those who take pleasure in pushing the boundaries of their culinary comfort zones.

You will notice that Italy’s food festivals are about a great deal more than simply the cuisine when you go to Italy and experience them for yourself. They are also symbolic of the culture, customs, and tales that are unique to each location and date back hundreds of years. What are you waiting for? Attending these events is one of the best ways there is to get to know the people of La Italia, so why are you still on the fence about it? Make your selections, and then get ready to pack!

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