How To Cut Pizza Without A Pizza Cutter

How To Cut Pizza Without A Pizza Cutter

In the event that you don’t have a pizza shaper helpful then there are a couple of kitchen devices that you can use to take care of business!

How to cut pizza without a pizza shaper? Cutting pizza requires a sharp edge. Thus, in principle, you can utilize any sharp slicing device to cut equivalent cuts. This incorporates a huge cook’s blade, some sharp scissors, a butcher’s blade, and, surprisingly, a little paring blade.

Peruse beneath to study how to make the most with the current devices, and how to cut pizzas without destroying their surface or fixings equally!

Customary Pizza Cutting Devices

There are a few pizza devices in the market that make the errand of cutting equivalent cuts simple. Yet, while these devices might assist with limiting exertion, it doesn’t take a lot to cut a tasty messy pie at home!

Cutting pies is tied in with utilizing a sharp edge. Thus, you can single out from a blade or slicing device at home to take care of business.

We should investigate the customary choices first and comprehend how they work.

Pizza Wheel

Piece with cuts of tasty pizza Margherita on dim foundation
The pizza wheel is a famous cutting device that has become inseparable from the picture of newly heated pies. It is an incredible and helpful choice for proficient pizza creators and, surprisingly, home cooks.

The underlying pizza wheel configuration was licensed in 1892 and before long acquired broad fame because of its usability and similarity among pizza cooks.

A pizza wheel utilizes a turning, wheel-like edge that is mounted to a handle hold. All you want is to push down on the pizza and run it across each side to cut similarly slim cuts!

Pizza wheels can likewise arrive in a moderate plan, where the handle is taken out for a side hold.

The outcome is a huge, round edge that can be utilized similarly as the handle form — yet, obviously, the handle variation offers far greater security and control!

In spite of being helpful and key in an expert setting, pizza wheels can be a piece burdensome, particularly with an extended handle — it makes them an issue to store.

Likewise, since most families don’t eat pizza consistently and there are numerous different options in contrast to cutting pizza at home, buying this cumbersome device probably won’t be legitimate for a relaxed client.

Pizza Rocker Edge

This edge is a shaking style pizza shaper with a bow shape.

This pizza shaper is normally utilized as an option in contrast to the pizza wheel shaper. It is profoundly viable at cutting huge and profound pies in no time — and the smooth, shaking movement makes it simple to utilize the edge with no opportunity of mistake.

This pizza shaper can cut any sort of adjusted pizza and is maybe the go-to device for thicker style pizzas that require a profound edge.

You will normally find this pizza shaper in a business setting where cutting various pizzas all at once is normal.

The shaking edge is accessible in many plans, yet as you can envision, this pizza shaper likewise occupies a ton of room, particularly when contrasted with the pizza wheel.

Substitute Strategies for Cutting Pizza

The following are a couple of normal cutting devices that you can use to cut pizzas at home!


Cutting pizza with scissors isn’t a clever practice. It is, as a matter of fact, the go-to strategy for cutting pizza in, in all honesty, the origin of pizza: Italy!

Utilizing scissors to cut round pizzas is very helpful — and it seems OK while cutting rectangular pizzas.

Scissors give undeniably more control and you might slice through the fixings without moving them around, as is normal with pizza haggles pizza edges.

The scissor edge can deal with the hull, vegetables, and meat. Best of all, you can utilize basically any kind of scissors to cut pizza.

For similarly cut cuts, we suggest going with a bigger sets of scissors that can give you both hold and level.

Try not to utilize more modest scissors or you may very well wind up making a wreck — and even get sauce all around your hands.

We likewise suggest that you use heat-safe gloves while utilizing this strategy since you should hold the hot pie with the other hand while you slice it through with the scissor.

Cook’s Blade

In the event that you have a cook’s blade at home, cutting pizzas is something else that you can add to the rundown of its purposes!

A cook’s blade is the ideal cutting device for cutting equivalent cuts of a pizza.

The level and sharpness of the edge will effectively cut thicker style, hand-threw, or, customary slim hull pizzas easily.

We suggest utilizing this strategy with stove-hot pizzas. Since the fixings will be hot, it will be very simple to cut the cheddar as well as every one of the fixings with a solitary slide of the edge.

In the event that you are attempting to cut an especially denser hull, we suggest tenderly cutting the edge with a to and fro movement. When the edge has made a cut, you can start handling the remainder of the pie utilizing a similar system.

A few cook’s blades are planned with an unobtrusive bend, so remember the plan of the blade while cutting the pie. Bended blades might require a shaking movement to slice through every one of the fixings and the hull!

Butcher’s Blade

Few out of every odd family has this cutting device, yet in the event that you do, you can undoubtedly utilize it to cut little size pizzas with one hack.

Utilizing a butcher’s blade with bigger pizzas can be bulky, yet in the event that you have no other choice, then you can in any case cut a huge pie by cutting the pizza in progression.

One more approach to rapidly get cut pieces is to involve the butcher’s blade in a shaking movement.

Put the tip of the edge on the edge of the hull and afterward push it down. Then pull the edge off the pie and cut again by resetting the tip of the edge to the last known point of interest.

You can utilize the equivalent shaking movement to cut individual dish-size pizzas as well. Utilizing a butcher’s blade this way makes it like the customary bow-cutting blade!

Paring Blade

In the event that you don’t have any of the cutting devices above, then you can likewise cut pizzas utilizing any sharp paring blade as well!

There are a couple of downsides to utilizing this strategy, yet in the event that you have a more slender hull and a little pie size, you can utilize basically any sort of blade accessible to you.

A paring blade is an incredible choice since it considers more prominent control and exactness. You can likewise rapidly slide across the pie without moving any fixings — given that you utilize the right method!

Begin by honing the edge. Kindly ensure that the edge is adequately sharp to cut hard vegetables without any problem.

Then, place the tip of the edge at the highest point of the hull and push it down to connect. Preferably, you would just need to utilize the tip at a 45-degree point.

Immediately slide down the pie and rehash a similar step for the opposite side to make equivalent cuts.

We wouldn’t propose that you saw the pizza utilizing a paring blade since it might wind up destroying the surface of the hull and may try and dislodge the fixings.

Cutting Cold Versus Warm Pizzas

Pizzas aren’t normally cut before they are heated. Nonetheless, at times, you can cut them in advance prior to cooking them on the stove — particularly assuming you are going with business hulls or frozen pizzas.

Cold pizzas are not difficult to cut and furthermore extremely lenient — since there is no softened cheddar or other messy fixings, you can undoubtedly cut the frozen pizza utilizing any cutting device!

Yet, kindly remember that at times, cutting the pizza in advance might bring about a wreck since the cheddar could spill over from the sides.

We don’t suggest that you slice custom-made hulls in advance because of a similar explanation. Likewise, as the hull grows, the fixings could become uprooted — and may try and tumble off the cuts!

When in doubt, have a go at cutting pizzas utilizing the suggested substitute devices above. In the event that you don’t have the vital devices, then you can feel free to cut the pizza while it is cold.

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