Popular Costa Rican Drinks

Popular Costa Rican Drinks

Because of its extraordinary biodiversity, Costa Rica is famous all over the world. Travelers from all over the world come to this lush nation in order to explore its environment, wildlife, beaches, volcanoes, and forests, among other natural wonders. One thing, though, is certain: no matter where you go, you will always be anxious to sample the local cuisine and beverages. This is the only constant.

The following is a list of the most well-liked beverages in Costa Rica (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Make it a point to try them all the next time you’re there, and when you get back, give us a rundown of your top five preferred Costa Rican beverages.

1. Coffee

Coffee is by far and away the most widely consumed beverage in Costa Rica. In addition to that, the coffee produced in this region is often regarded as being among the very best in the world.

Both the climate and the environment create the perfect circumstances for the cultivation of coffee beans of the highest possible grade. There are eight different coffee areas, each of which has its own distinctively mouthwatering flavor, and every coffee bean is selected by hand.

Coffee is consumed most commonly in the morning when eating breakfast and again in the middle of the afternoon, either on its own or with a slice of bread, cake, or pastry.

2. Agua Dulce

There is also a very well-liked alternative to coffee and tea called agua dulce that people can drink instead. This is a warm beverage that is prepared by adding a piece of tapa de dulce, which is a brown solid natural sweetener that is formed from the juice of sugar cane to water that has been brought to a boil.

Others choose to mix it with boiling milk in addition to boiling water, while still others prefer to drink it with only water. You owe it to yourself to sample it at least once since its singular flavor is delectable.

3. Coconut Water

Since there is an abundance of palm trees all along the coasts of Costa Rica, including both the Pacific and the Caribbean, there is never a scarcity of coconut water that is both high-quality and fresh.

Both locals and visitors enjoy it best when it is consumed directly from the coconut itself. It is delicious, very nutritious, and quite refreshing all at the same time.

4. Natural Juices/Fruit Shakes

The country of Costa Rica is endowed with an abundance of tropical fruits, many of which are not only delectable to eat but also to drink. You’ll have no trouble finding these in any part of the country, either as a shake made with milk or as a blended beverage made with water and ice.

Cas, which is an acidic fruit with a powerful and distinctive flavor, mango, pineapple, blackberry, and soursop, to mention just a few, are among the most prevalent flavors.

5. Resbaladera

Resbaladera is a traditional drink made from rice that has a very rich taste profile. After being cooked in water and cinnamon, the rice is allowed to cool before being mixed with sugar, barley, milk, and peanuts. The rice was boiled in water and cinnamon. The dish is typically consumed by locals as a refreshing addition to either lunch or supper and is served chilled with ice.

6. Leche Dormida (Sleeping milk)

The unconventional preparation of this libation is where the drink’s name derives from. Whole milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar make up the foundation of this Guanacaste-originated beverage, which is known for being a local specialty. After thoroughly combining all of the components into a homogenous liquid, the mixture is allowed to sit for at least an hour before proceeding with the recipe.

Because the milk “falls asleep” and curdles at this point, the beverage derives its name from this phenomenon. After being placed in the refrigerator for a period of time, it is eventually crushed with ice. After that, the Leche dormida must be consumed immediately, since its flavor is at its peak immediately after the blending process.

7. Pineapple with Rice

This beverage makes use of both the sweet pineapple pulp and the peel of the pineapple as an ingredient. The procedure is an easy one to follow. After peeling the pineapple and washing the skin, it is placed in a pot with water, cloves, sugar, and rice, and brought to a boil. This process is repeated until the rice is fully cooked. After it has been allowed to cool, it is then mixed with a little amount of pineapple pulp and ice.

On religious occasions, a dish consisting of pineapple and rice is typically offered.

8. Agua de Sapo (Toad Water)

Agua de sapo is a cool drink that is traditionally consumed on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It is a pleasant beverage. Tapa de dulce, water, ginger, and lemon juice are the ingredients that go into its preparation. After bringing all of the components to a boil at the same time, the liquid is set aside to cool before being served over ice.

Ginger lends it a kick, but it’s still quite tasty; you can’t pass up the opportunity to taste it.

9. Guaro

This is the most traditional form of alcohol produced in Costa Rica. Its original extraction process involves the fermentation of cane juice, which contributes to its high level of purity. Guaro is a popular ingredient in a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and sweets, but it may also be consumed on its own.

10. Chiliguaro

Guaro may serve as the foundation for a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, including the spicy chili drink known as chiliguaro. Guacamole is mixed with a fiery chili sauce to make chiliguaro. Tomato juice, salt, lemon, pepper, and several additional seasonings are sometimes included in the recipe.

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