The 10 Most Affordable Michelin Restaurants in the US

The 10 Most Affordable Michelin Restaurants in the US

Everything, from the cost of lodging and transportation to that of eating out and traveling, is going up in price. The cost of food is greater than it has ever been, which, along with increases in the cost of labor, rent, and utilities, has led to an increase in the prices shown on menus in restaurants all throughout the United States.

And this also applies to upmarket dining establishments. For example, Masa, which was previously the most expensive restaurant in the United States, increased its pricing by $150 this year, which means that the price of their sushi menu now begins at $950 per person. When you include the cost of taxes, the total comes to $1,034 for each individual.

But before you start crossing off lunch at a restaurant with a Michelin star off your list of things to do, let us warn you that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy a meal at a restaurant with a Michelin star. In the United States, it is still possible to have a superb dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant for less than $50, and in some cases far less than that.

Research conducted by Chef’s Pencil on the menus of all the American establishments awarded a Michelin star resulted in the compilation of a list of the top 10 most reasonably priced Michelin-starred restaurants, each of which offers an exceptional dining experience for less than $50 per person. We’ve listed the most economical three-course meals on the menu, which typically include an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert. Each of these meals can be found below. Because we were unable to get any desserts, we have provided you with two appetizers instead.

Continue reading to find out which restaurants made the list, and start organizing your next culinary road trip while you’re at it.

1. Boia De, Miami | $37 per person

Miami, Florida location: 5205 Northeast 2nd Avenue

Within the Buena Vista retail mall in Miami is where you’ll find the Michelin-starred restaurant Boid De. It’s located between a laundry and a medical facility. The chefs Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer present their updated versions of traditional Italian meals, each with their own distinctive spin. You may choose from a wide variety of pasta dishes, fried potato skins topped with stracciatella and caviar, steak tartare with garlic-shallot crumble, and a variety of other delicious and interesting selections.

The most cost-effective combination of items: The menu has a total of 17 savory meals and 5 sweet treats to choose from. For example, for $37 per person, you may choose the Cappelletti Alla Norma, which comes with a salad of eggplant, tomato, and ricotta; crispy polenta; and an Affogato, which is a scoop of rice cream topped with espresso. You can also opt to get the Affogato without the crispy polenta.

2. Cote Miami, Miami | $38 per person

Location: 3900 North East 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida

At Cote in Miami, the owner Simon Kim and the chef David Shim have been successful in creating a one-of-a-kind ambiance. The ultra-contemporary Korean steakhouse immediately takes your breath away with its jaw-dropping design, which is at the same time comfortable and forward-thinking in its aesthetic.

Once you go inside, you won’t want to leave, particularly after tasting Chef Shim’s exquisite dishes, which include mouthwatering beef stews, Kimi Wagyu paella, and outstanding cocktails. You won’t want to leave, especially after tasting Chef Shim’s dishes.

You won’t need to seek much farther if you’re a carnivore since Cote will satisfy all of your cravings in this regard. There is no question that beef is the star attraction at this eatery.

The Butcher’s Luncheon, which costs $38 per person and comes with the Chef’s choice of two pieces of USDA Prime beef along with an assortment of banchan and Korean accompaniments, is the most cost-effective combination. You will get the opportunity to experience Prime Hanger Steak and Dry Aged Ribeye, which will be accompanied by banchan, scallion salad, red leaf lettuce with ssamjang, and savory egg souffle.

3. Los Félix, Miami | $38 per person

Address: 3413 Main Hwy., Miami, FL

It is highly recommended that you give Los Félix a go even if you are not a fan of too strict dress requirements or very formal eating. This Mexican restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star, and it has a laid-back, informal atmosphere that immediately makes you feel at ease and at home from the minute you walk through the door.

It’s a little place with a tiny dining area, and the menu focuses mostly on Mexican tapas and other small meals cooked by Chef Sebastian Garvas. The pleasant sound of vinyl spinning and live DJ sets enhances the ambiance and makes dining at this restaurant a whole experience. There is absolutely no way that you will leave Los Félix without a huge grin on your face.

Brunch, which costs $38 per person, is the most cost-effective combination of the two meals. You may begin with the Guacamole + Photos, which has serrano, onions, lime, and herbs; then, go on to the Al Pastor Tacos, which have pork seasoned with chilies, spices, and cider vinegar; finally, conclude with something sweet, such as the Mango Granita or the Envuelto.

4. The Clocktower, New York — $39 for each individual patron

New York City, New York Address: 5 Madison Avenue

The Clocktower has been said to be “a taste of modern London in the midst of Madison Square Park’s frenetic activity.” Fish and chips, apple tart tatin, and plum and shallot chutney with roasted duck are just some of the dishes that can be found at this restaurant in Manhattan, which is run by the British chef Jason Atherton and the American restaurateur Stephen Starr. The restaurant is perfect for those who enjoy traditional British cuisine.

The most budget-friendly combination would be brunches, such as the Clocktower scotch egg with buttermilk pancakes, two eggs prepared whatever you choose with toast, and either an apple muffin or a cream puff.

5. Oxalis, New York | $40 on an individual basis

Brooklyn, New York, 791 Washington Avenue is the address.

Galangal, gold, and rhubarb; photo courtesy of Oxalis

This restaurant in Brooklyn is situated just next to the lively Prospect Park as well as the Brooklyn Museum, making it very convenient for both locals and tourists to visit. The restaurant in the manner of a bistro is presided over by Chef Nico Russell, and the best thing is that it is always open to walk-in customers!

Customers have the option of ordering from either the seasonal carte blanche menu or the à la carte menu presented in the garden area of the establishment. There is something for everyone, and the cost per person starts at only $40.

The most reasonably priced combination is the set-price Sunday brunch, which often consists of a dessert, an egg dish, a starch, and either a salad or a vegetable.

6. Mourad, San Francisco | $45 per person

San Francisco, California, at 140 New Montgomery Street is the address.

Mourad, which can be found in San Francisco at the base of the historic PacBell Building, which was the first skyscraper in the city, is an ideal option if you want to experience cuisine that is on par with that served at Michelin-starred restaurants at a reasonable cost. Couscous with savory brown butter and spicy harissa, as well as Moroccan basteeya, are just two examples of the mouthwatering Moroccan-inspired meals that are available at this restaurant, is run by Chef Mourad Lahlou.

The most cost-effective combination is the one in which you design your own course by selecting individual components from the menu. For example, for $45 per person, you may get the basteeya along with a side of potatoes and either ice cream or sorbet for dessert.

7. Casa Enrique, New York | $47 per person

5-48 49th Avenue, Long Island City, New York, United States

If you’re not a big lover of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan or Brooklyn, you should go over to Queens to enjoy some great Mexican cuisine prepared by Chef Cosme Aguilar at Casa Enrique. If you’re not a big fan of the noise and commotion of Manhattan or Brooklyn, you should head over to Queens. The sister and aunts of the chef were the ones who taught him how to cook the traditional Mexican Chiapas delicacies that he uses to lure his customers.

The most budget-friendly combination: Brunch, which is served from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and includes items such as guacamole, ceviche, Mexican shrimp cocktail, sandwiches, enchiladas, crispy chicken, tacos, and meals based on eggs.

8. Soichi, San Diego | $48 per person

Location: 2121 Adams Avenue, San Diego, California, United States

Soichi, which can be found in San Diego, is an excellent alternative that won’t blow your budget and is perfect for anyone who likes authentic Japanese food. The sushi and sashimi dishes that Chef Soichi Kadoya creates are excellent and one of a kind. Guests have the option of selecting from two different omakase menus as well as numerous items from the à la carte menu.

Finish it all off with some scrumptious homemade green tea ice cream, which is ideal for cooling off during the warm summer months in the California sun.

The package with the lowest combined price is: Choose from the Petite Omakase menu, which costs $48 per person and includes an appetizer consisting of three different sampling dishes, six pieces of choice nigiri picked by Chef Soichi, followed by soup, and finally a scoop of handcrafted green tea ice cream.

9. Al’s Place | San Francisco | $48 per person

Address: 1499 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA

If you want cuisine that is on par with that served at Michelin-starred restaurants but won’t cost you more than $50 per person, consider dining at Al’s Place in San Francisco. The restaurant, which is run by Chef Aaron London and has a casual and comfortable atmosphere, is ideal for those who like the classic California way of life. The chef adheres to a philosophy that is mostly pescatarian, although there are other alternatives for those who choose to consume meat.

On the menu, you’ll find items such as blistered squash with pickled kohlrabi, hummus and burrata, and the distinctive French fries, which have garnered attention from publications such as the San Francisco Chronicle.

The most cost-effective combination is as follows: for $48 per person, you may get the smoked brisket served with fried green tomatoes, pickled mirepoix, and mustard, as well as the yellow eye bean stew, served with torn focaccia, and end off with a dessert such as Al’s Brownie.

10. North Pond, Chicago | $49 for each individual visitor

The location of the business is 2610 North Cannon Drive, Chicago, Illinois.

Cesar Murillo, the head chef, and Loretta Montelongo, the restaurant’s manager, have collaborated to create a menu that pays homage to Chicago’s heritage while also incorporating subtle influences from across the world. Clients at North Pond are treated to magnificent meals prepared by Chef Murillo, such as tagliatelle with a golden tinge that is flavored with saffron and mixed with mussels escabeche. There are also mouthwatering treats available, such as cinnamon ice cream topped with whipped yogurt that has cocoa nibs and whipped yogurt that has cocoa nibs mixed in.

The most cost-effective combination is the Sunday Brunch, which begins at 10.30 am and costs $49 per person. The Buckwheat Crepes with Werp Farm’s strawberries, cherry bomb purée, yuzu Hollandaise, and hazelnuts are among the options on the menu, along with Tasso Benedict (johnnycake topped with Tasso ham, poached egg, rhubarb jam, and brown butter Bearnaise), Buckwheat Crepes with Werp Farm’s strawberries, cherry bomb purée, and hazelnuts, and a selection of mouthwatering

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