The 5 Cheapest Michelin Restaurants in Los Angeles

The 5 Cheapest Michelin Restaurants in Los Angeles

Are you in Los Angeles and yearning for some world-class food in a beautiful setting? But you would prefer not to pay the jaw-dropping costs that some of Los Angeles’ most renowned restaurants charge? Surprisingly, the city is home to a number of restaurants that have earned Michelin stars while maintaining affordable prices for their gourmet fare.

In these restaurants, you can get everything you want for less than $125 per person, including some of the freshest ingredients prepared by imaginative chefs, intriguing wine selections, and a wonderful environment. We hope that you will find our selection of Michelin-starred restaurants in Los Angeles that provide the greatest value to be enjoyable and inspirational.

1. Rustic Canyon

Unbelievably, guests may enjoy a dining experience worthy of one Michelin star at Rustic Canyon for less than $50 per person. Although the price does not include the cost of service or beverages, it is still an excellent deal. Freshness, simplicity, and a commitment to the environment are the guiding principles behind Executive Chef Andy Doubrava and Chef/Owner Jeremy Fox’s approach to the cuisine served at their restaurant, which features a menu that is updated on a regular basis to highlight the finest locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

Over the course of the last five years, Wine Enthusiast has recognized Rustic Canyon as one of the “Best Wine Restaurants.” Sommelier Kathryn Spencer concentrates her emphasis on smaller vineyards and provides more than 300 alternatives for purchase by the bottle. If you would rather make your order by the glass, you may choose from one of the 30 rotating options. There are also traditional and seasonal cocktails, in addition to the craft beers that are served on tap.

It is definitely worth the trek to Rustic Canyon on Wiltshire Boulevard in Santa Monica if you are searching for wonderful, high-quality cuisine, along with fascinating cocktails to compliment it and a convivial ambiance. The restaurant is located around 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles.

2. Osteria Mozza

If you are a fan of genuine buffalo mozzarella, you will be pleased to know that the Italian-inspired Osteria Mozza has an entire menu area devoted to this delicacy. The Mozzarella Bar, made of white Carrara marble, is the focal point of the restaurant. Here, chef and owner Nancy makes an astounding range of tiny meals that include mozzarella of the highest quality, freshly imported from the greatest producers in Italy.

This superstar of the Los Angeles restaurant industry is frequented by A-list celebrities as well as visitors. You should be prepared to wait for a table, regardless of whether you would like to eat in the lively environment of the front room or the calmer area in the rear of the restaurant. If you’re in a rush, you shouldn’t go to Osteria Mozza since there’s a good chance you’ll have to wait between meals. Simply take in the atmosphere and stuff your face with their world-famous, delectable bread.

It is hard to believe that you may dine here for as low as $69 per person at this Michelin-starred restaurant; but, if your party consists of 8 or more people, you can choose the special menu for $100 per person.

3. Shibumi

Looking for a restaurant in downtown Los Angeles with a Michelin star that serves a seven-course meal for less than one hundred dollars? It’s not even feasible, right? Well, not until you learn about the one-of-a-kind experience that is Shibumi, David Schlosser’s kappo omakase restaurant.

What is it about kappo that makes it so unique? The phrase refers to a multi-course meal that totally depends on the decisions made by the chef. The exact translation of the word is “to cut and cook.”

This little Japanese restaurant and bar with just 40 seats places a strong emphasis on paying close attention to the smallest of particulars in all aspects of their operation. Guests are treated to magnificent meals that have been meticulously prepared using the finest local, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients. These dishes are then artfully placed on handmade ceramics on a counter that is built from cypress wood that is about 400 years old. A genuinely unforgettable eating experience is completed with the addition of a range of drinks that are both one-of-a-kind and quite uncommon.

4. Orsa & Winston

This Japanese-Italian fusion was praised by the Michelin team, who were pleased by the use of sustainably sourced seafood and the wine list, which contains 90% natural and organic options. The wine list also received praise for its extensive variety of natural and organic wines.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to spend your lunchtime or evening here if you’re searching for a place that has a contemporary design, a bustling open kitchen, and the coolest jazz playing in the background. This place has everything you could want in a place to hang out.

The standard tasting menu at Orsa & Winston consists of five courses and costs $125 without wine pairings and $205 with them. These prices do not include the 20% service fee, which is added to the total bill at the end of the meal.

5. Mori Sushi

Although the illustrious chef Mori is no longer found in the kitchen cooking the day’s sushi, the restaurant is now in the hands of Chef Masanori “Maru” Nagano, who is more than capable of running the kitchen. The Michelin reviewer simply states that everything about the location and the cuisine is “nothing short of magnificent,” and this restaurant completely merits all of the superlatives that he or she has provided. That is a really high compliment.

The low lighting, the white walls, and the wood accents all work together to provide an atmosphere that is calm and soothing. Because new pieces of artwork created by local Los Angeles artists are added at regular intervals, the one-of-a-kind ambiance of the restaurant is kept fresh.

The “Nigiri Omakase” tasting menu is $125, and it includes one appetizer in addition to the chef’s choice of sushi. The price does not include sake from their superb variety of beverages, though.

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