The Best Mexican Craft Beers in 2022

The Best Mexican Craft Beers in 2022

It is not a secret that Mexicans appreciate good beer, and throughout the years, the number of craft brewers in Mexico has expanded, along with the quality of the beers they produce. Because of this, we felt it necessary to compile this list of the top Mexican craft beers for the year 2022.

There are, without a doubt, a great number of fantastic and delectable beers available, but we are unable to identify them all. As a result, we came to the conclusion that the best way to assist you in planning your trip to Mexico was to provide you with 11 suggestions of things that you really must do.

Craft Beer #1: Chocolate by Jack

I have to begin with this stunning fact: Chocolate Jack is my all-time favourite. It has a nutty aroma with hints of chocolate, hazelnuts, and milk, and it has a toasted flavour with a touch of coffee. It has a robust scent, and when it’s on the tongue, it’s velvety smooth and creamy, creating the ideal harmony for the taste buds. Because it’s nearly as creamy as a shake, this one is one of my absolute favourites.

You have to give it a go with a mole from Mexico. You may also serve it with game meats like deer or armadillo, a rib-eye steak, or any other kind of steak with a strong taste.

7.5% is the amount of alcohol present.

Sweet Stout is the style.


Website: Jack

Craft Beer #2: Páramo by De Colima

A gentle sweetness. When you take a sip of it, you’ll notice that it has a strong bitterness along with a variety of flavours that come from the three different kinds of malt that were used to manufacture it: pale ale, Vienna, and caramel. As you go closer to the glass, fragrances of tropical fruits, citrus, and passion flowers begin to overwhelm your senses.

It would go well with a cheeseburger, pig belly brochettes, or cochinita pibil if you were to have a glass of this delectable brew.

5.2% is the amount of alcohol present.

Style: Pale Ale

IBU: 38

Colima, the website

Craft Beer #3: Bocanegra Dunkel by Bocanegra

De-li-cious! You will detect a clove flavour, an orange flavour, and even a sweetness that will bring to mind banana bread. This is due to the fact that the fragrances of ripe bananas and chocolate are characteristic of its characteristics.

Pork, roasted red meats, German sausages, and chocolate desserts are all delicious options that go well with this wine.

The amount of alcohol is 5%.

Style: Dunkel Weizen

IBU: 15

The website is

Craft Beer #4: Foca Parlante by Wendlandt

After pouring the beer into the glass, you see that it has a dark brown hue to it. You bring the glass up to your nose in order to differentiate between the smells of coffee and charred caramel. As soon as you take your first sip, you’ll detect a smooth combination of toasted malt, oats, coffee, vanilla, and herbs in the beer. Then you will be left wondering, “What could possibly be more delicious than this?”

It goes well with a variety of foods, including shellfish, oysters, aged cheeses, charcuterie, and sweets based on chocolate and coffee.

5.5% in terms of alcohol content.

Stout is an American kind of beer.

IBU: 38

Website: Wendlandt

Craft Beer #5: IPA by Minerva

The mouth will be left with a flavour that is difficult to forget due to its harshness. The carefully chosen hop combination and the unique malt provide it with a sweet and fruity scent, while the citrusy freshness of its hops complements the fruity freshness of its fruity aroma.

It goes well with dishes like mashed potatoes, pig rinds covered in green salsa, stews with cheese, and tamales made with a mole that are topped with cream and cheese. You could also make a cheese board; this beer goes very well with any Mexican cheese you could think of.

6.5% as far as alcohol content goes.

Indian Pale Ale is the style.

IBU: 55

Website: Minerva

Craft Beer #6: Penélope by Fauna

A delightful and convenient way to start your day with coffee. It has a flavour that is reminiscent of toasted malts with a body that is somewhere in the middle between light and medium.

Perfect pairing: Desserts + Penélpe = BFF. The perfect illustration of this would be a chocolate cheesecake topped with caramel, pecans, almonds, and other nuts.

The percentage of alcohol is 6.2%.

Coffee Porter is the style.

IBU: 32

Website: Fauna

Craft Beer #7: Dark Lycan by Fauna

Dark Lycan is a powerful beer that is excellent, dark, and full of hop flavour. It boasts a taste profile that includes citrus, pine, and blackberries, and its body is medium. As soon as this treat makes contact with your tongue, it whisks you away to a mysterious woodland even before the sun has risen.

It goes well with a pig, beef chops, and burgers, as a suggested accompaniment.

The percentage of alcohol is 8%.

Style: Black India Pale Ale

IBU: 50

Website: Fauna

Craft Beer #8: Lágrimas Negras by Rámuri

In the scent, there are exquisite and robust undertones of coffee. a flavour that is just slightly toasted, and an absolutely creamy mouthfeel. This beer has a chocolate flavouring added to it.

It is a dark beer known as Lágrimas Negras, which has garnered a remarkable reputation not only in Mexico but also in other countries throughout the world. A delicious beer that would go well with any dessert or could even be turned into one.

Alcohol content: 10 per cent by volume

Oatmeal Stout is the beer’s style.

IBU: 65

Website: Rámuri

Craft Beer #9: Afortunada by Fortuna

A day in the sun calls for something that is light, refreshing, and ideal. This flavorful wheat beer has a subtle fragrance that is reminiscent of bananas, cloves, and other spices.

The ideal partner for charcuterie, bread, salads, nuts, and semi-firm cheeses like gouda or provolone, as well as fish and shellfish.

The percentage of alcohol is 4.8%.

Style: Hefe Weizen

IBU: 15

Website: Fortuna

Craft Beer #10: Winter Ale by Chaneque

Because of its velvety smoothness, you’ll want to have more than one. Piloncillo, burned sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, star anise, tejocote, and caramel come together to create an incredible taste medley in this dish. Its ruddy hue and light overall body give it a sense of refined sophistication.

You may serve it with Christmas dinner as you spend time with your family.

The percentage of alcohol is 6%.

Style: Winter Ale

IBU: 6

Website: Tienda Chaneque

Craft Beer #11: Arrogante by El Secreto 1881

This is the ideal beer for you if you like your chocolate with a touch of bitterness and sweetness. Crafted in Mexico, Arrogante is a dark and flavorful beer that is considered to be among the best of its kind. It has a taste that is bold and has a froth that is delightfully thick. It features overtones of coffee, bittersweet chocolate, and almonds, all of which are wonderful.

The meat barbecued on the grill, sweets like tarts or brownies, cheese boards, and nut platters go well with this wine.

The percentage of alcohol is 8%.

Imperial Stout is the kind of beer.


Website: El Secreto 1881

To Sum Up

The artisanal brews are not going away any time soon. There is a massive market for those who like craft beer just like us, and fortunately, producers are always working to improve the quality of their products.

If you ever find yourself in the land of the Aztecs, you owe it to yourself to sample each and every one of these 11 beers. But… I have some excellent news for you: in addition to domestic distribution, several of these beers are also available for export.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this content. I would like to extend to you an invitation to explore the cuisine of Mexico here at Chef’s Pencil. Also, don’t forget to tell us which of these beers has been the one you’ve been craving the most.

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